Be Water Conscience

Water Conservation Measures

Ways to Save Water

Using a large amount of water may lead to a higher water bill, greater operations costs for the water District and reduced water supplies for others.

Landscape Watering may significantly increase your water use especially in the summer time.  Be sure to check your timer and adjust if necessary.  If you see water running down the storm drain after irrigation then the timers are set to long.

Leaks may also be a sign of a water waster.  If you haven’t changed your water use at home and you see an increase of usage in your water bill, there may be a leak.

Pools lose water due to evaporation.  You can buy a pool cover to help reduce the water loss.  If you fill your pool several times a week then you may want to check for a leak.

REPORT WATER WASTERS TO Customer Service (209) 895-9493

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