Water & Sewer Rates

Water Rates

WHWD provides raw water, treated water, and wastewater services to the developed portions of Oak Flat within the Diablo Grande subdivision.

Water Rates for Residential and Commercial from July 2018 through June 2019

Water Rates Ordinance 2011-01 Residential and Commercial 2011 through June 2014 click here (PDF)

Raw Water

Current Rate: $1,747.63 per acre foot of raw water. Customers of raw water would be the Diablo Grande golf courses, Vineyards, and Construction.

Treated Water

Customers of treated water are the residences, commercial and any other users that have the facilities to accept treated water within the service boundary of the District.

Commercial users within the WHWD service boundary are non-residential users that have the facilities to accept treated water. Examples of these are: Diablo Grande Homeowners Association and Diablo Grande Golf and Country Club.

The WHWD pricing system is made up of two elements: a fixed monthly service charge and a tiered volume charge. The fixed monthly charge is collected whether the customer uses water or not during the period billed. The fixed monthly charges exclude any water. The tiered volume charge is set for every 750 gallons of water.

Residential Users Current Rate: $144.99 per month + the following tiered volume charge structure:

1 unit = 750 gallons
Tier 1: 0 — 6 units; $1.88/unit
Tier 2: 6+ — 13 units; $2.57/unit
Tier 3: 13+ — 20 units; $3.21/unit
Tier 4: over 20 units; $5.42/unit

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Commercial Users Current Rate: $4.25 for every 750 gallons.

WHWD encourages practicing water conservation raw or treated.

Sewer Rates

The WHWD has an agreement with the City of Patterson to treat and dispose of wastewater generated within the service boundary of the District. This agreement requires the WHWD to pay 1.5 times the City of Patterson’s standard residential sewer fee.

Residential User Current Rate: $55.97 per residential unit per month for sewer service. The City of Patterson charges Western Hills Water District $74.91 per residential unit per month.

Commercial User Current Rate: $49.94 Flat Rate per month for the first one thousand cubic feet of water consumed for the first year and an additional sum of $2.84 for every one hundred cubic feet of water consumed above the initial one thousand cubic feet and increase over the years.

Wastewater rates for Residential and Commercial for 2011 through 2015. click here (PDF)

Storm Drain Service

Residential and Commercial Current Rate: $5.00 per month. This charge is for all excess water accumulated from all properties, including irrigation to rain.