Reconnection Fee

If your water service has been disconnected due to a delinquent account, you will need to pay the entire account balance including past due charges, current charges and any deposits.

A $150.00 Reconnect Fee will be charged to customers account to re‐activate service.

Payment must be received in our Customer Service office at 9501 Morton Davis Drive, Bldg B, Patterson, CA 95363. You can pay by phone with credit card or come into our office during regular business hours. Payments received by 2:00 pm Monday through Friday will generate a work order for Reconnect same day.

Billing statements that are delinquent for more than 45 calendar days, any customer who does not already have a $300.00 deposit, will be required to post the deposit before service can be re‐activated.

Trouble Paying your Bills?

If your account is not yet delinquent, but you are having trouble getting a payment in, call us. We may be able to help. Customer Service (209) 895‐9493.