Water Quality

WHWD’s Commitment to Quality Water

The Safe Drinking Water Act is in place to guarantee that the water provided to consumers is safe for consumption.

Western Hills Water District stands committed to delivering water of exceptional quality to our customers.

Our delivery system consists of different types of facilities.

  • 4 pumping stations
  • 1 Water Treatment Plant
  • 1 Surface Water Reservoir (1 million gallons)
  • And approximately 22 miles of water treated waterlines and 7 miles of raw water pipelines.

April 2021 Test Results

As noted in our May 12 2021 meeting, an anonymous complaint was filed with the CA State Water Board about WHWD water quality. As a result, the district was forced to spend over $8,000 to do immediate sampling and testing of our treated water, in addition to the regular weekly testing we already perform. Below is the complaint response from the water board to WHWD, as well as the water reports and invoices resulting from our compliance with the water board’s requests. All reports showed full compliance with state and federal regulations and requirements.

If you have any questions about the quality of your water at your home, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (209) 895-9493. We are here to serve you, fellow residents of DG, and here to help determine if there is a piping problem or some other issue affecting your water quality. We would very much like to avoid these additional testing costs in the future.

Consumer Confidence Reports

A Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) is a document that water suppliers in the United States must provide to their customers annually. It gives detailed information about the quality of the drinking water over the previous year. 

The report includes information about the source of the water, the levels of any contaminants found during testing, potential health effects of any violations of water quality standards, and the water system’s compliance with other drinking water rules.

The aim of the CCR is to educate and reassure consumers about the safety and quality of their drinking water, providing transparency and fostering confidence in the local water supply.

Click links below to view WHWD CCR reports.

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